MMG entered 2023 with occupancy levels reaching nearly 99% in Poland

Master Management Group entered 2023 with occupancy levels reaching nearly 99 percent across the entire portfolio of retail facilities in Poland. The centers were visited by a total of more than 12 million customers in 2022, with new brands debuting in the shopping arcades in the regions. Successes were also recorded in the office area, managed by MMG.

‘In the past year, we focused our attention on strengthening the quality of the portfolio of brands
present in the facilities managed by Master Management Group. Consistent work on the development
of the portfolio resulted in a steadily growing number of clients and increasing turnover. The first year
after the series of lockdowns caused by the pandemic was also an opportunity to thoroughly analyze
the operation of all the centers, including under new circumstances as difficult as war and inflation,"
says Paul Kuśmierz, CEO of Master Management Group.

One of the leading events for customers of the centers in MMG's portfolio turned out to be the debut
of Douglas perfumery in the local markets of Kutno, Elk and Oswiecim. The popular brand was very
enthusiastically received by the locals, gaining crowds of visitors. The perfumeries debuted on a total
area of 500 sq. m. In Ciechanów, Elk and Kutno, modern stores of the Polish brand Ochnik, with
leather goods and clothing, were opened, occupying a total retail area of more than 460 m2. Galeria
Różana in Kutno will also gain a KFC restaurant, which, under an agreement signed late last year,
will be built adjacent to the main entrance of the facility. The two-story establishment will be 300 sqm.
Lease agreements for LPP group stores have also been extended and expanded in the popular

‘Efficient management of Master Management Group's diversified portfolio of facilities, bringing
together a diverse range of retail formats - from traditional malls to hybrids to small neighborhood
centers and retail parks - builds their value and competitive advantage in each location. Concentrating
a full range of services in one place allows us to clearly set goals for each center and consistently
achieve them, drawing on the experience and knowledge of our managers and business partners,’
says Remigiusz Królikowski, Board Advisor at Master Management Group.

‘We are trusted in business by large chain brands, as the experience of the past year clearly shows,
with contracts with Douglas, Ochnik, Half Price, LPP group or KFC. We are building a 100-percent
quality tenant portfolio, well tailored to each location, according to the expectations of customers and
the potential of a given location. This allows our tenants to generate satisfactory turnover, and
customers to enjoy their shopping experience,’ says Anna Polak, Head of Leasing at Master
Management Group.

A number of facilities, such as Galeria Różana in Kutno, MMG Center in Ciechanów and Jozefoslaw,
as well as retail parks in Piekary and Szczecin, among others, ended last year with 100 percent
occupancy. Individual stores in the facilities, managed by Master Management Group, invested in
modern interiors based on the latest sales concepts. The facades and arcades of the facilities
themselves were also renovated. Marketing efforts invoked communication with local communities,
and popular city events or even theater festivals were invited to the commercial spaces.

Hi Piotrkowska with new leases:
A successful 2022 also belongs to the modern Hi Piotrkowska office building in Lodz, managed by
Master Management Group. It is a facility combining two 21,000 sqm office buildings, retail space
occupying 5,000 sqm and a hotel, in the very center of the city. Contracts for a total of 6,000 m2 were
signed there last year.

Later this year, the office building's tenants will be joined by the world leader in lighting for
professionals and consumers - Signify, which will occupy an area of 2,800 sqm.

The company is moving its European Settlement Center to the Hi Piotrkowska complex, where more
than 200 people will work. This summer, in turn, the two floors of the city's tallest office building will
be occupied by 550 employees of Sii, a leader in IT, engineering and BPO services in Poland, who
will carry out projects for clients from all over the world from Lodz. They will occupy an area of 2,400