• Brama Jury

Brama Jury is a new shopping center project from the MMG, designed to meet the needs of the residents of Zawiercie and the surrounding area. 15 000 sq m of retail space will offer 50 shops with popular apparel, sports and shoe brands, a supermarket, an electronic goods store, home furnishing stores and numerous service points. Shops will be located on the ground floor and the simple layout of the center will be easy to navigate. There will be 500 parking spaces, while the leisure component of the center will offer a four-screen Planet Cinema and other attractions such as restaurants and coffee shops. Zawiercie has more than 50 000 inhabitants. The shopping center will benefit from an extensive and affluent catchment area of 250 000 inhabitants living within a 30 minute drive from the project and 60 000 inhabitants living within a 10 minute drive. The shopping center will be located in the western part of the city at the crossroad of the main artery road – Wojska Polskiego and planned western by-pass of the city. Aleja Wojska Polskiego street is also a state road no. 78 connecting Silesia with Świętokrzyskie voivodeship. In the future, DK78 will create an intersection with the planned western by-pass of the town.

Shopping center

Property type

15 000 SQM

Planned rent area


Shops and services


Screen Planet Cinema


Parking spaces

Q2 2019

Planned construction start


Location of the object

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