New opening in MMG Ciechanów managed by Master Management Group

The refurbishment of the MMG Ciechanów centre managed by Master Management Group has been completed. This popular centre, which combines a retail park with a shopping arcade, has gained new tenants and the space within has been completely modernised. Between May and July, the stores in MMG Ciechanów saw sales rise by 19 percent compared to 2019 despite the construction work that was underway. Every month an average of 180,000 shoppers visit the centre.

Over the last four years since Master Management Group took over the management of the centre in Ciechanów, 33 per cent of the space has been transformed. We've brought in new brands that the town and the region have long-awaited and the convenience of being in the centre is far better due to the centre having been modernised as well as improvements that have been made to the way it operates. The reconstruction work we finished today and the new tenants that have been brought in are certainly going to prove to be another milestone in the development of the centre, which is shortly going to be reflected in the footfall and the sales figures," sums up Anna Polak, Head of Leasing Master Management Group.

The positive changes in many areas of the way the centre operates allow us to predict that our customer numbers are going to grow further to an expected average of 200,000 people a month. We are also seeing a clear trend of a greatly improving conversion figure. MMG Ciechanów has achieved 100% occupancy. Long-awaited brands have joined our tenants and the centre has reaffirmed its regional character," says Remigiusz Królikowski, Advisor to the Management Board Master Management Group.

The total area leased recently comes to 4,000 m2. With the reconstruction of the external retail park passageway, new stores have been prepared for tenants, each of which has its own outdoor entrance. The stores have been occupied by non-grocery discount store ACTION, drugstore Rossmann and a Vision Express optician's. Additionally, some retailers that were already operating within the centre now occupy larger stores including clothing and manufactured goods discount retailer PEPCO, which has doubled its area to 570 m², and also textile discount retailer KIK, which now occupies 660 m². In the coming months within the centre's shopping arcade, a CARRY store is to open – a popular Polish brand of clothing with fashion lines for all age groups, occasions and seasons. The CARRY store is to take up 690 m². Another new tenant in the centre is to be a Yes jeweller’s store with an area of 50 m² and there will also be a Home & You homeware store, which will sell its goods over an area of 435 m². A CCC shoe store has increased its area and a KS Sport sports store has also started operating in the centre.

A Rossmann drugstore has taken up an area of 470 m². It offers its customers a wide range of goods for adults, children and animals, all of which are well-known in Poland, including cosmetics, hygiene and grooming products, chemical cleaners, groceries and many other types of products. Rossmann selects locations that have a large retail potential in large residential estates or in tried- and-tested shopping zones. The MMG Ciechanów centre is a very well-known mall that makes up part of the shopping map of the town and the recently completed reconstruction is certain to improve the footfall for the stores within it and as a result, improve sales. The Rossmann drugstore together with other brands in the centre creates an attractive range of goods for the residents of Ciechanów and its surrounding area. Already today I am inviting you to come shopping," says Piotr Zieliński, Member of the Board for Shopping Centres at Rossmann.

Non-grocery discount store ACTION has leased 950 m². We are pleased that Action has made its debut in Ciechanów because it marks another important step in the development of the brand in the Mazowieckie district. MMG Centers* are modern as well as the most popular malls of this type, which are placed in strategic locations. The advantage it holds is being next to the district road that leads to the centre of Ciechanów as well as being near other major roads and public transportation. Action is an ideal addition to the mix of tenants here and the presence of many other well-known brands in one place will encourage customers to come and visit our store,” says Sławomir Nitek, managing director Action Polska.

Master Management Group (MMG) is an investor, developer, leasing agent and retail and office property manager active throughout Poland. The company's portfolio includes small and medium- sized centres that dominate their locality as well as retail parks in both large cities and smaller towns and it has a combined retail area of over 135,000 m². The company has been operating on the market for fifteen years and comprises a team of experienced retail real estate professionals. Over the course of its history, MMG has developed, leased and built over 400,000 m² of retail and service space and operates 130 000 m2 for the future commercial development.