Master Management Group brings Action to its retail property portfolio in Poland

Action stores open in three centres in Szczecin, Piekary Śląskie and Poznań with a combined retail area of over 2,770 m²

Master Management Group has brought Action, a well-known chain of non-grocery discount stores, into its portfolio. Over 2,770 m² has been leased in three buildings in Piekary Śląskie, Szczecin, and also shortly in Poznań. The leases have a five-year term.

Master Management Group's buildings include popular retail parks and shopping centres throughout Poland and have a total combined area of over 100,000 m². Most often these are the dominant centres for shopping in their locations with easy access for both shoppers from the local area and for those driving from more distant parts of the town or region. The centres are located strategically in suburbs directly next to expressway roads. 

“Action is a reliable business partner. Our negotiations, which took place in the difficult times of the pandemic, went smoothly and were to the point. I am convinced that this brand's stores will fully meet the expectations of the shoppers in Master Management Group's buildings,” says Anna Polak, Head of Leasing, Master Management Group. “The arrival of the Action chain to our portfolio demonstrates the huge potential of the shopping destinations that we have created,” points out Anna Polak.

“The locations we choose for Action stores are above all those retail parks and shopping centres that are popular among local people in places that are easily accessible for shoppers and have an attractive tenant mix. Master Management Group's buildings fulfil these conditions, which is why they fit our development strategy for the Polish market. In return, the Action brand makes a great completion to the range of stores they offer,” says Sławomir Nitek, the managing director of Action Polska.

The retail park in Szczecin is in the city's popular retail zone, just next to some large residential estates. It is easy to go shopping because national road nr. 10 is nearby, being the main arterial road to the centre of the city. The building in Piekary Śląskie is next to a road that leads onto the A1 motorway and is also in a densely built-up residential area. The two Action stores, which were opened in August this year, both complete what their locations offer, which includes popular brands such as Media Markt, Media Expert, Decathlon, Jula, Komfort, Bricomarché, CCC and Rossman. On the other hand, the centre in Poznań is in the affluent Poznań–Jeżyce district. The action store there is to be opened in the autumn of this year.

“Our strategic goal is to build up our range of retail parks and make them more attractive both for our retail clients and for investors. What we do as a manager is to concentrate on creating a great shopping experience, as well as on generating solid growth figures in the value of our tenants' sales and in consequence on raising the value of the properties themselves,” says Paul Kuśmierz, the CEO of Master Management Group.

Action is a chain of non-grocery discount stores that offers a wide and frequently changing range of everyday goods at reasonable prices. Over 6,000 goods await the shopper with 14 product categories that include decorations, DIY, toys and recreation, hobbies, multimedia, household products, garden, washing and cleaning, food and drink, body care, pets, sport, clothing and bedding. Two-thirds of the range is continually rotated with over 150 new products appearing on the shelves every week. Currently, Action recommends its autumn decorations and accessories to make the chilly evenings more pleasant, such as its warm textiles, its home spa cosmetics, its embroidery thread, and its creative sets for children. Those who are physically active can find yoga mats, skipping ropes, and elastic exercise belts.

Master Management Group (MMG) is an investor, developer, leasing agent and property manager of retail and office properties located throughout Poland. The company's portfolio includes locally-dominant small- and medium-sized centres as well as retail parks with a combined retail area of over 100,000 m² in both large cities and smaller towns. The company has been operating on the market for over 15 years and comprises a team of highly-experienced real estate professionals from the retail segment. Since its foundation, MMG has developed, leased out and built over 350,000 m² of retail and service space.