Larger and for a longer period 4F doubled the area at Galeria Niwa

There will be even more sport in Galeria Niwa! 4F brand - a leading Polish manufacturer of sportswear and accessories, has extended its lease agreement and decided to enlarge the showroom.

"We try to respond to customers' needs and offer them better and better solutions both in terms of product and store design. The 4F showroom in Galeria Niwa has been extended from 112 sqm to 236 sqm. The additional space makes it possible to offer customers a wider range of products. We hope that thanks to numerous changes in the design level, the purchases in 4F store will become even more pleasant," says Małgorzata Gabryś, OTCF Investment and Development Director.

In addition to retail, the 4F brand is present in 36 countries through an extensive wholesale network and its products are available in more than 300 multi-brand stores.

"We are very pleased with the decision to extend the lease and expand the 4F brand store.

This shows how strong the market position of Galeria Niwa is today and how much potential our tenants perceive or see in it. We are committed to supporting the business of local entrepreneurs, which is why 4F store and many other premises are developing with us on a franchise basis. In this group, the European multibrand Sizeer and Esport, a Polish entrepreneur with a range of global brands, are already open in June this year," adds Katarzyna Zegar, Director of Galeria Niwa.

The finalisation of subsequent lease agreements shows that the concept of Galeria Niwa and Master Management Group's management strategy work in the eyes of tenants. The combination of fashion, entertainment and services on more than 14,700 sqm, on two levels attracts residents and tourists.  Customers can choose from over 50 shops of various brands, including H&M, CCC, Orsay, Reserved, House, restaurants such as KFC or Hammurabi and the 4-screen Planet Cinema. In recent months, the offer of the shopping centre has been expanded by such brands as Gatta, Quiosque and Sizeer.