Biedronka in MMG Centers Kutno

MMG Centers Kutno belonging to the portfolio of Master Management Group has acquired a new food operator. The premises 1008 sq.m unit was leased by Biedronka, which will introduce its latest concept 2.0 to the centre. The store is scheduled to open in December this year.

The latest 2.0 standard, a modern and friendly sales hall and separate product zones are the latest concept of Biedronka, which will open a shop on the ground floor of MMG Centers Kutno. The sales hall of the new store amounts to 735 sq. m, customers will have 5 cash desks at their disposal. 

- “We are gradually increasing the number of shops in the best locations in Poland, so we decided to open another discount store in Kutno. The new Biedronka store in MMG Centers Kutno will has everything that the consumers expect from a modern and friendly retail chain with the concept 2.0. In order to make shopping comfortable, there will be the separate zones, e.g. with bread, fruit and vegetables, cosmetics, and modules with promotional items will be marked", says Zbigniew Wierzbicki, Senior Sales Manager at Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A., responsible for the Biedronka store in MMG Centers Kutno shopping centre.

The Biedronka chain has been present on the Polish market for 20 years and has nearly 2830 stores in over 1,000 localities. The pillars of the company's strategy are carefully selected products of the highest quality, offered daily at low prices. Jeronimo Martins Polska S.A., the owner of the Biedronka chain is the second largest Polish company and Biedronka is the second most valuable Polish brand according to the daily newspaper "Rzeczpospolita. From January to the end of September 2018, Jeronimo Martins invested approximately EUR 280 million in the development of the Biedronka chain in Poland".

- Since we are the owner and property manager of the MMG Centres Kutno shopping centre, we have focused strongly on developing the offer of the facility. We know how important is the influence of a grocery store on the functioning of the centre, especially in small and medium-sized cities, therefore we are looking forward to cooperation with Biedronka. Already in December, the residents of Kutno will do grocery shopping and take advantage of the Christmas attractions of the versatile MMG Centers Kutno" - said Michał Masztakowski, Development Director at Master Management Group.

MMG Centers Kutno was acquired by Master Management Group together with a portfolio of 6 other retail formats in September 2017. The facility is a regional shopping centre with an area of 16,100 sqm. Tenants include Polish and foreign retail chains and shops of local entrepreneurs. The centre offers 490 above-ground parking spaces. As part of its involvement in activities with the city, MMG Centers Kutno participates in the Rose Festival, the Festival of European Projects and is a sponsor of the Festival of Jeremi Przybora's Songs in Kutno Station.