1500. Rossmann drugstore in Hi Piotrkowska

Hi Piotrkowska is not only a modern office space, it is also an attractive mix of retail chains, local and service brands in the very center of the city. The ground floor of the highest office building in the complex is the seat of the first branch of Bank Polski in Lodz, the new location of the Żabka chain, the VUSE e-cigarette shop, the Badylarz florist studio and… .1500 Rossmann brand store. Lst’s see the story of the last one.


Did you know that the first shop with the Rossmann sign was launched 28 years ago in Łódź at Piotrkowska Street? The 1500th drugstore also has an address in Łódź, this is Hi at Piotrkowska 157.

- Sometimes I hear that Rossmann is already on every corner. There is a certain disbelief in this,
a curiosity: how do you do it? We used the period of the pandemic for development: we managed to implement the opening plan and accelerate investments in even more safety forms of shopping expected by customers, such as self-service checkouts or the Rossmann GO function - says the president of Rossmann SDP, Marek Maruszak.


- We tried to fit the selection of tenants into the concept of a mixed-use building. We were guided, among other considerations, by the need to fulfil the everyday needs of office workers, which is why we decided to bring in, a Rossmann drugstore, Żabka and a Just Gym fitness club - reveals Anna Polak, the director of the commercialisation department at Master Management Group.


In the new drugstore, opposite one of the symbols of Łódź, Unicorn’s Stable (Piotrkowska Centrum), customers can choose from 12 thousand. products, selected in accordance with global trends, in attractive prices.

Self-service cash registers are available, and the owners of our application can also use Rossmann GO, i.e. self-scanning of products using their own phone and paying online (with a card connected to the phone, a call or a transfer).


More details: https://www.rossmann.pl/firma/pl-pl/biuro-prasowe/informacja/1500-drogeria-rossmann,645168