We are playing towards the same goal

The consistency of the city's vision and the investor's vision is of great importance in the creation of new urban space. Both interest groups actually play towards the same goal, and their cooperation can create significant added value. Justyna Drużyńska-Krystosiak MRICS, Director of Office Operations, talks about how Hi Piotrkowska fits into the urban ecosystem.

Hi Piotrkowska is located in the centre of Łódź - an area covered by a revitalisation programme. What does it mean for the investor?
That's right, the area of Łódź is included in the Special Revitalization Zone. The Hi Piotrowska investment is located in the immediate vicinity of the project No. 6 "Revitalization of the city centre". Within the framework of the city's activities, six buildings and two public space objects will be renovated, including the Pinocchio Theatre and the Centre for Contemporary Art for Children and Youth. Master Management Group, as a developer of HI Piotrkowska, will develop the city's activities, bring back to life the degraded part of the area in the block of streets, between Kościuszki Avenue and Piotrkowska Street and complement it with new functions. This, in turn, will translate into an improvement in the quality of life of the inhabitants and an increase in the business attractiveness of the city centre. We are creating a new space and inscribing ourselves into the history of the metamorphosis of the city centre.

These are advantages, but probably there are also some challenges.......
Time pressure is certainly a challenge. Revitalization works may, but do not have to last longer than the construction of a new building. In our case, the façade of a small building adjacent to the frontage of Piotrkowska Street had to be designed in a manner consistent with the existing buildings of the street, and then obtained a positive evaluation by the Conservator of Monuments. Due to the location of the investment and the proximity of historical areas, the whole investment project of Hi Piotrkowska was consulted with the Committee for Revitalization of the City of Łódź.

Is it easy to fit a modern building into the existing fabric and historic urban ecosystem?
Certainly, the creation of an office building, with the assumption that it has to fulfil many functions and be located in monumental surrounding, imposes certain rules, both at the stage of design and construction works. It is worth noting that the representative street of Łódź, which is Piotrkowska Street with its adjacent surroundings, has been given special legal protection, which is a cultural park. We can safely say that the whole promenade is a monument. This in turn means that the business objectives of the investor should be consistent with the policy on sustainable urban development. First of all, if we want to increase the attractiveness of modern office space through convenient solutions for employees, we immediately think about the wider group of Łódź inhabitants. For example, we provide a comfortable cycling infrastructure, which will be used by the employees, but at the same time it will become a part of the cycling culture of the whole area. Another example? Those who travel to Łódź for business purposes willingly stay in well-known hotel chains of well-established standard and well-located. Having a well-known hotel brand in the offer of the complex increases the attractiveness of this location and develops the tourist base of the city. The facility will host business travellers who will have at their fingertips a wide selection of urban culture and entertainment. The location of our investment also deserves special attention. Thanks to its location along one of the most important transport routes in the city, the so called "W-Z" route (East-West Route) and excellent access to public transport and cycling infrastructure, you can easily get to us without using a car. Also this aspect is a perfect fit in the city policy.

Does the need to combine the investor's and city's vision translate into lease agreements? Is it an added value or rather an obstacle?
Consistency of the vision of the city and the vision of an investor is of considerable significance in creating new urban space. Both interest groups actually play towards the same goal, and their cooperation can create significant added value. The entrepreneur wants to achieve business goals by locating his facilities at the best address, and the city wants to develop and create new jobs. Therefore, an important assumption in building the HI Piotrkowska offer was a well thought-out choice of commercial and service brands, which will attract office tenants and consequently improve the functioning of this area of the city. We estimated that Hi Piotrkowska will create about two thousand new workplaces, while the premises on the ground floor of the hotel building with the façade from Piotrkowska Street and Mickiewicz Avenue are very popular among fashionable restaurant brands. This means that the construction of the HI Piotrkowska complex in accordance with the priority of sustainable urban development - it will revitalise the city centre economically and breathe new life into it.