Smaller shopping centres – but with a big heart

Galeria Różana and Brama Mazur, the only major modern shopping centres in Kutno and Ełk, have been making a serious commitment to social responsibility in the wake of the pandemic, by supporting a number of charitable and local community initiatives. One of these involves working together with boy scouts and girl guides; another is to supply donation stations with disposable masks and gloves. “These galleries are shopping centres, but they also play a valuable role in the local community, not only in terms of culture and entertainment they offer but also when it comes to providing help and support when times are hard,” explains Karolina Żelazek-Majcher, the PR and marketing director at Master Management Group.

Galeria Różana in Kutno is actively involved in the #lokalnykoszyczek [local basket] campaign to help people under quarantine, especially those who don’t have families to look after them. “Food prepared by local caterers is delivered to those who need it by volunteers of the Widzialna Ręka charity in Kutno. This is our contribution to an essential service,” explains Arkadiusz Pawlak, the manager of the shopping centre.

“Galeria Różana is also supporting the Kutno Hospice through the Za Torami social initiative. Our centre is providing funds for the purchase of masks and disinfectants, which, thanks to the excellent work of the local scouts’ and guides’ associations, will be supplied to local institutions,” reveals Karolina Żelazek-Majcher, the PR and marketing director of Master Management Group.

Retail as a community service

Brama Mazur in Ełk is also aiming to fulfil its coronavirus-era social responsibilities. The shopping centre a showpiece of the town, comprising a restored railway station building and a 0.6 ha recreational square. Its location on the site of a former military base allows it to merge seamlessly into the town’s historic quarter. The centre features an unusual façade, made of corroded steel sheet, which gives it a vaguely industrial character and at the same time is in perfect harmony with the former barracks.

As the largest shopping and entertainment complex of its type in the region, Brama Mazur is striving to support local residents whenever it can. When the Military Center for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment in Ełk recently ran out of masks and gloves, the centre, in cooperation with its main food operator, Intermarché, decided on an immediate response, coordinated by Justyna Szymkiewicz, the director of Brama Mazur.

“We can always count on help from Intermarché. They offered us 1,000 pairs of latex gloves at a very low price and helped us to buy 200 disposable face masks. Thanks to this, the local blood donation centre can operate without any problems. It’s worth noting that this centre is also being supported by other businesses in Ełk,” explains Justyna Szymkiewicz. As she points out, the shopping centre has been “friends” with the local Military Centre for Blood Donation and Blood Treatment for at least two years. “Together we have held events encouraging the donation of blood. By educating people we hope to make donating blood much more commonplace,” adds Justyna Szymkiewicz.

Brama Mazur, according to Karolina Żelazek-Majcher, would like to continue its involvement in the lives of local residents into the future. “Right now we all feel the urge to do something of value. The centre is a retail and entertainment complex that brings residents together, not only for culture and entertainment, but also in these difficult times. Brama Mazur’s mission is also to serve the local community,’’’ explains Karolina Żelazek-Majcher.

Original source comes from PropertyNews:,81605.html