Opening IndieBi office in Hi Piotrkowska

We welcome a unique team of programmers and computer game market analysts from the IndieBI startup, who have moved into the 13th floor of our Hi Piotrkowska complex in Łódź, with a spectacular panorama of the entire city.


“Hi Piotrkowska is a unique place on the map of Łódź, located directly next to the largest transfer station in the city, called by the residents the Unicorn Stable. I believe that the functionality, aesthetics and good energy of this place will contribute to the success of new tenants," says Justyna Druzynska MBA MRICS, Director of Office Operations at Master Management Group.


Bluebricks is a software company that creates tools and applications for clients from Western Europe and North America. Together with the startup IndieBI, which deals with sales analysis on the computer games market, it occupied an area of 533 m² on the 13th floor of the Hi office building. This is the headquarters of both companies in Poland.


Blue Brick and IndieBI are "remote first" companies in which employees perform their tasks mainly remotely. More than half of the team lives in Łódź, so the new workplace is also intended to be an inspiring meeting place in the city center, with clearly separated "chill" and "work" zones.