Master Management Group joins the Business Center Club Łódź Branch

Master Management Group, a developer and manager of commercial and office properties with seventeen years of experience in the industry, has joined the group of members of the prestigious Business Center Club. The company's flagship investment - the Hi Piotrkowska building in Łódź, was chosen as the headquarters of the BCC Łódź branch, which brings together over 80 entrepreneurs from the region.

On September 28, the first post-holiday business breakfast of the Łódź BCC Lodge took place at Hi Piotrkowska. The guest of the breakfast was Mr. Jacek Goliszewski, president of the Business Center Club, who presented the new BCC strategy. During breakfast, BCC representatives officially opened the new office of the BCC Łódź Branch in Hi Piotrkowska, managed by Master Management Group based in Warsaw.

The BCC Łódź Branch within the structures of the BCC Club - carries out BCC activities in the Łódź region, providing an opportunity for mutual integration, establishing cooperation, exchanging experiences and represents BCC members in contacts with state and local government authorities. The BCC Łódź Branch hosts meetings with parliamentarians and officials, as well as training and
meetings aimed at establishing business contacts.

Members of the BCC Łódź Branch participate in bodies established by local authorities and initiate
meetings and discussions with regional decision-makers. An important task of regional branches is their lobbying function. In cooperation with the Institute of Economic Interventions and the BCC Management Board, the BCC regional branches are a platform for exchanging views with MPs and senators of the Republic of Poland, a center for monitoring the government's economic policy and the legislative activity of the Sejm of the Republic of Poland, and a place for meetings with representatives of the government administration. The opinions of entrepreneurs drawn from these discussions are tools for promoting pro-market attitudes and a method for correcting macroeconomic decisions - the entire issue that is the subject of BCC's advisory activities at the
state level.