Large increase in sales and footfall for Galeria Różana in comparison to 2019

Master Management Group has recorded a 20 per cent rise in sales by value in the stores of Galeria Różana in Kutno in comparison to 2019. Additionally, the popular mall saw shoppers coming more often than two years ago. Together with other neighbouring retail formats, Galeria Różana forms one of the most popular and often visited shopping and recreation zones in both the city and the region.

“This is the result of our intensive work to make the tenant mix more attractive since taking over the centre in 2017. Over this time, we have signed lease agreements with new business partners for a total area of over 6,700m², we’ve brought in new brands and many of our previous tenants have decided to increase the area of their stores,” sums up Anna Polak, Head of Leasing at MMG. In August, Galeria Różana invited shoppers to the first Half Price store in the city, which took up an area of almost 1,400 m². Earlier, the original grocery operator had been replaced by Biedronka, the largest and most popular chain of this format in Poland. The tenants were also joined by Pepco, male fashion store Vistula and a Yes jeweller’s.

When comparing the four months from May to August 2019 inclusive, the stores in Galeria Różana rose by 20 per cent and footfall rose by 3 per cent. “This is the result of the transformation of many areas of the centre and proof of its stable position as the most popular shopping destination in Kutno. The greater interest of customers in shopping in Galeria Różana is definitely thanks to our work in finding new attractive tenants, while also enlarging the areas of the most popular stores. In addition, the improvements to the convenience of the shopping space have brought about this superb effect,” points out Remigiusz Królikowski, Doradca Zarządu MMG.

Popular brands already operating in the centre have enlarged their space by as much as 1,750 m² including brands such as shoe store CCC, and sports stores 4F and Martes Sport as well as the 50 Style store and the Orange service point.

“The strong and consistent growth trend for our conversion rates allows popular brands to set our clear plans for their own development in Galeria Różana. The fact that our centre is also within a popular shopping and recreation zone is also of importance, next to a Leroy Merlin DIY store, a waterpark, a McDonald’s restaurant and a filling station,” says Arkadiusz Pawlak, Property Manager of Galeria Różana at MMG.

Galeria Różana opened in 2014 to meet the needs of the city's inhabitants. The centre's tenant mix includes brands from different retail categories such as fashion, homeware, electronics, health and beauty, sports and jewellery. The tenants include both Polish and foreign retail chains including H&M, Jysk, Media Expert, Reserved, Diverse, 4F, Martes Sport, CCC, Rossmann and Half Price. The centre has 490 outdoor parking spaces. In 2019, the centre was given a new name and, as a result, the mall became part of the city's branding as 'Kutno – the city of roses'. Galeria Różana comprises two buildings combining a traditional shopping centre and a retail park with a combined area of 16,100 m².