Hi Piotrkowska with BREEAM Excellent Certificate

The Hi Piotrkowska office building was designed and built based on a sustainable development policy and the involvement of all participants from an early stage of the investment: from designers, through contractors, to the Investor and external consultants, which in turn contributed to the creation of the facility created with an innovative approach and environmental responsibility.


‘HI Piotrkowska is a great example of a BREEAM Excellent certificatied building with superior indoor environment created in line with best in class energy efficiency standards. Cyclist amenities, great public transportation accessibility combined with natural light and   increased amounts of fresh air have contributed to creating a healthy workplace, while high technical standards helped achieve over 85% of points in Energy and Water categories.  This means that indoor comfort will be ensured with care for natural resources use as well as decreasing CO2 emissions.  We were proud to support Master Management in delivery of this high performing asset that is aiding to development of Łódź City Center’ - Jerzy Wójcik - WELL AP, BREEAM AP, LEED AP BD+C, BREEAM International, In-Use and

RFO Assessor, CEO in JW+A.


Thanks to starting work on meeting the requirements of BREEAM certification at an early stage of the project, it was possible to implement all the assumed credits. As a result, in a building has been applied a number of solutions ensuring water and energy savings: a water-saving devices with flow in toilets and kitchens, the use of a set of LED luminaires, energy-efficient air-conditioning and ventilation devices an air humidification system. The building also reduces artificial light pollution by limiting the luminance of outdoor luminaires and advertising. In addition, the facility uses materials with an environmental product declaration EPD, which independently shows the impact of the product on the environment.


The BREEAM certification requirements focus not only on the project itself, but also bring real benefits to tenants and other users.  A detailed analysis of the thermal comfort in the building has been carried out thanks to the certification process. This analysis allowed designers and contractors to ensure optimal conditions and working environment for all building users. Compliance with all assumed requirements ensured that the right temperature and air humidity inside the building were maintained not only in the current climate conditions, but also over the next 30 years - in the context of anticipated climate changes.

Furthermore, the team of consultants conducted an analysis of the availability of daylight for the building, thanks to which it was possible to introduce design solutions that would allow compliance with restrictive certification requirements in this area. As a result, over 80% of areas intended for permanent work have full access to daylight.


In the common parts of the office building have been used only durable materials, resistant to destruction, with low emissions of volatile organic compounds. Places particularly vulnerable to destruction, e.g. entrances, main communication routes, have been additionally secured. The entire building design and development will also encourage to use of ecological means of transport. For this purpose, the investor decided to place a number of amenities for cyclists - bike racks inside the building, lockers, showers, changing rooms, as well as a basic bicycle repair station. In addition, for supporters of electric cars, space for quick charging was provided.

The certification process also contributed to a significant reduction in CO2 during the construction process. The General Contractor constantly monitored water, energy and waste generation all the time - most of them, over 90%, were recycled. This means a high standard of the building, friendly work environment and attention to detail, including environmental responsibility.


The whole building strategy is to reduce emissions of harmful factors to the environment, minimizing to the necessary, but still comfortable consumption of energy and water, and ensuring an optimal working environment for all users. An independent confirmation of meeting these requirements and a reliable approach to the issue of developing sustainable development principles is obtaining a high grade of BREEAM certification at the Excellent level, at the as-built stage. It confirms the implementation of over 70% of certification guidelines for office buildings.
As a result, HI Piotrkowska is among the buildings with the highest standards of sustainable construction