Coming up roses

Galeria Różana has won the hearts of the local authorities and residents through its community activities and also by emphasising the town’s reputation as ‘Kutno – City of Roses’, an image that has been assiduously promoted by the local authorities since 2012. Kutno’s association with roses goes back to 1912, when the Eizyk brothers planted 20,000 wild roses. Today, almost 100,000 roses of more than 130 varieties flourish in the town.

Enterprises that wish to be identified with the ‘City of Roses’ ideal can make a feature of it in their business strategies. Thanks to this, in Kutno you can now eat pizza topped with rose petals, for example. The Taxi Róża [Rose Taxis] company also operates in the town, as does Pralnia pod Różą [the Laundry under the Roses] and the Różane [Rosy] Medical Centre. A year ago, MMG Centers’ Kutno centre also joined in with this campaign, when its name was changed to Galeria Różana.

“Local residents have enthusiastically and openly embraced the centre’s new name and branding which makes reference to the town’s history in this way. Thanks to this, I think we’ve become more intimate with them and the cooperation between the centre and residents has become easier,” believes Arkadiusz Pawlak, the manager of Galeria Różana. The centre’s new identity was unveiled by its owner, Master Management Group, at the town’s 45th Rose Festival, which it sponsors.

A rosier view of shopping

“We are developing the centre in a sustainable manner, which means that along with expanding its range of brands and services we want it to fit into Kutno’s rosy image,” emphasises Arkadiusz Pawlak.
“We are delighted with how graceful and feminine the centre’s new rose logo is, which has recently become a feature of its branding. We hope that Galeria Różana now has a permanent place in the hearts and minds of the people of Kutno and will continue to enhance the city’s image,” explains Karolina Żelazek-Majcher, the PR and marketing director of Master Management Group.

Zbigniew Burzyński, the Mayor of Kutno, is also pleased with the contribution Galeria Różana is making towards fostering a rosy atmosphere for the city. “Galeria Różana provides a perfect example of how a coherent and consistently implemented strategy for building the city’s image can extend far beyond areas the local authorities are responsible for. It’s also proof that a brand based on authentic values can not only help to build the image of a city and its local community, but also of its major commercial enterprises, which Galeria Różana undoubtedly is. We are honoured that such a centre has drawn inspiration directly from ‘Kutno – City of Roses’, adding even more credibility to the campaign,” insists Zbigniew Burzyński.

Original source comes from PropertyNews:,81605.html