All roads lead to Hi Piotrkowska

The future tenants of the Hi Piotrkowska centre will be absolutely delighted by its location and there is not even the slightest exaggeration in this prediction. This is because every player on the real estate market holds the rule of location, location, location to be sacred and its quintessence is a place to which all roads lead.

It is no accident that the Hi Piotrkowska location has been dubbed the heart of Europe since it is Łódź that has become the European gate to the new silk road with cargo trains running 10,000 km between the city and Chengdu – a journey that takes from 12 to 14 days to complete. Also, it is a ten-minute drive by car from the city center to Łódź Władysław Reymont International Airport, which handles both passenger flights and cargo.

World class transport links

Is it true that all roads lead to Hi Piotrkowska?
“Yes, it is. We're not exaggerating. With its central location being right next to the city's most important roads: al. Kościuszki, al. Mickiewicza and al. Piłsudskiego – it is no problem to drive by car to the center from any point in the city. Those who use public transport every day can easily get to Hi Piotrkowska using one of the many tramlines, which stops by the complex at the station commonly known as the unicorn stable,” explains Błażej Baszczyński of CBRE.

An unusual tram stop was built as part of the modernisation of the east-west line. Tramlines going from east to west cross those going from north to south. There are twelve tram and six bus lines. The roof is held up on steel supports and the coloured glass roof looks like a stained-glass window. For this reason, the station designed by Jan Gałecki is the only one of its kind in the world.

For guests and clients arriving from Warsaw or its airport, the journey will take no more than around 70-80 minutes. That's how long the drive should be and soon the train journey will take no longer. The Hi Piotrowski center is only a stone's throw from the city's largest railway stations: Łódź Fabryczna and Łódź Kaliska. Additionally, in 2022 a cross city tunnel is planned to open joining the railway stations of Łódź Żabieniec and Łódź Kaliska with Łódź Fabryczna. The 7km tunnel will serve as the Łódź metro. The European Union is subsidising the construction of this railway line with EUR 411 mln from its Cohesion Fund.

It takes only half an hour to drive onto the S8 and S14 expressways and a similar time to reach the A1 and A2 highways. Work is currently underway on the Łódź Western Bypass, which comprises the S14 expressway. The road is to connect the A2 motorway with the S8. The excellent transport links are the main reason why the area surrounding ulica Piotrowska has become the most rapidly developing place and one of the most important office locations in Łódź.

A bicycle epicentre

Hi Piotrkowska also fits in with the local policy of promoting the bicycle. Beside the complex is one of the longest bicycle paths in Łódź, which runs from east to west and joins two huge residential estates: Retkinia and Widzew. Local residents have no problem cycling to work.

“Bicycle paths are also marked out on other streets including the pedestrianised section of ul. Piotrkowskiej. Every year the roads are becoming better adapted to meet the needs of cyclists. It is also pleasing to know that soon city bikes, which have already proven extremely popular in the city, are to return to the streets of Łódź. The people in the city very much used to enjoy using this service. The most popular rental points were next to the Hi Piotrkowska complex and they are to open again,” points out Błażej Baszczyński.

Over three kilometres of bicycle lanes are also to be added to the city's roads and all the locations were voted on by city residents in the citizen's budget. This means that bicycle paths and lanes in the city will soon come to over 200 km.

This is important because office tenants are paying more attention to amenities for cyclists both in the office building and in its immediate vicinity.

“Questions are being asked about bicycle parking and access roads. And clients are also not overlooking the issue of showers and changing rooms so employees can wash and change before starting work,” says Błażej Baszczyński. Hi Piotrkowska perfectly meets the needs of a modern-day cyclist. The building contains a spacious area for, bicycles, which could be enlarged if a large number of people use it as well as changing rooms with showers and there is even a bicycle service point.

“For this reason and also because it is next to a bike path, the development is going to encourage everyone to travel to it by bike,” claims Błażej Baszczyński.

City entertainment within arm's reach

The real etate professional also points out that those who like an active lifestyle as well as those who like city entertainment have a lot of services on offer both within Hi Piotrkowska and on the pedestrianised section of ul. Piotrkowska.

It is the longest pedestrianised high street in Europe, and it is the centre around which business, retail, social and cultural activity revolves. It bustles with life with its numerous cafes, sites, stores and service points. On the most prestigious part of the street more or less halfway down is where you will find Hi. The place is the symbolic gate to the centre the city. Because of this the office has the potential to reinvigorate tourism in the city, especially since one of its key service tenants is the Hampton by Hilton hotel. Nearby the complex can be found important buildings such as the Łódź Film School, the Manufaktura shopping centre, the Galeria Łódzka centre as well as many service points and restaurants with a local flavour.

A city open for business

Łódź has travelled a long road to become a dynamic city that is open for business. In one place it combines an industrial tradition of textiles with modern infrastructure.
“At the same time, the cost of living is much less than in Warsaw, even by 25-40%. With a large range of institutes of higher education, know-how flows freely between faculties and real operating industries. We are convinced that under such conditions the demand for modern office space in Łódź is still going to grow. What we offer perfectly meets the needs of companies looking for flexible solutions on extremely attractive terms,” explains Hubert Abt, the founder and CEO of New Work, one of the largest operators of flexible office space in the CEE region.

“Not only do we manage a significant amount of flexible space here – around 4,500 sq m – but we also look after the needs of tenants when it comes to additional services in the building, since we manage the common areas. We also run a conference center, which is available both to the tenants of New Work and also to people from outside who want to take advantage of Hi Piotrkowska's exceptional location,” explains Hubert Abt.

He adds that the building's quality is as high as the New Work centers that were recently opened in Kraków, Gdańsk and Łódź. All of which were built as sustainable developments.
“Hi Piotrkowska stands out in Łódź because unlike other buildings it has the form of a tower. Moreover, it is in a busy and highly visible location, which gives our tenants the opportunity to use local amenities as well as allows them to spend time in the most attractive part of town,” points out Hubert Abt.
The CEO goes on to say that New Work with Hi Piotrowska has set new standards in Łódź for flexible office space in regard to size. Together with the First New Work branch in Łódź, the company has 7,000 sq m.

“We offer our clients the possibility to choose space that meets their individual needs and takes into account their price requirements. In response to their expectations for even more flexibility with office space, we plan to implement an easy entrance system to both buildings through a membership card. As a result, our clients will be able to choose between the easy access by car to the Imagine centre or the convenient public transportation and access to the retail opportunities that Hi Piotrkowska offers,” explains Hubert Abt.

New Work is to start leasing out the space after the holiday period. “We plan to start operating in October/November when we already have 50 pct of the space leased,” says Hubert Abt. The CEO is convinced that corporate clients will be thrilled by the location. This optimism is completely understandable because the rule of location, location, location is sacred to every player on the real estate market and Hi Piotrkowska, to which all roads lead, is its quintessence.

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